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Why is Thailand population declining?

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Impact on Economy and National Security

Thailand is facing a significant decline in its population, with expert models predicting a decrease from 66 million to 33 million in just 60 years. This decline is expected to have severe impacts on both economic development and national security. The working-age population is projected to decrease from 46 million to approximately 14 million, which will lead to challenges in sustaining the workforce and overall productivity of the nation.

Factors Contributing to Population Decline

One of the main factors contributing to Thailand’s population decline is the younger generation’s reluctance to have children. Various reasons, including high inflation rates, have deterred individuals from pursuing a traditional family life. As a result, the country is experiencing a significant drop in annual births, with the fertility rate decreasing from 6.29 in 1970 to 1.08 in 2023.

Future Projections and Solutions

Forecasts suggest that Thailand’s population will peak at 67.19 million in 2028 and then decline steadily in the following years. To address this issue, campaigns aimed at increasing the birthrate among younger women and supporting births among women over 30 are being advocated. The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security is also exploring ways to tackle the population decline through various policies and initiatives.

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