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Do I have to go to Thailand to divorce my Thai wife?

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Do I have to go to Thailand to divorce my Thai wife?

Types of Divorce in Thailand

In Thailand, there are two general types of divorce: Administrative Divorce (Uncontested divorce) and Judicial Divorce (Contested Divorce).

Administrative Divorce

An administrative divorce, also known as an uncontested divorce, is suitable for couples who agree to divorce and meet certain criteria. Both spouses must personally attend the district office for the divorce registration.

Judicial Divorce

On the other hand, a judicial divorce, or contested divorce, is for couples who cannot agree on the terms of the divorce. In this case, the divorce case is filed in a Thai court.

Requirement for Administrative Divorce

For an administrative divorce in Thailand, there must be no disagreement between the spouses on any matter, including child custody and property division.

Requirement for Court Divorce

In a court divorce, there must be disagreement regarding the terms of the divorce between the spouses or the spouses agreed to divorce but the uncontested divorce under Thai Law is not recognized in the country of the foreign party.

Presence in Thailand for Divorce

Both spouses need to be present in Thailand for an administrative divorce registration. However, only the claimant spouse needs to be present in Thailand for a court divorce.

Grounds for Divorce

Valid grounds for divorce in Thailand include adultery, misconduct, abandonment, and other specific reasons outlined in Thai law.

No-Fault Divorces and Same-Sex Divorces

No-fault divorces are not allowed in Thailand, and same-sex divorces are not recognized due to the lack of legal recognition of same-sex marriage.

Cost of Divorce

Administrative divorces are less expensive than judicial divorces, which involve more time and paperwork.

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