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Is divorce common in Thailand?

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Is divorce common in Thailand?

Divorce Rate in Thailand

In Thailand, divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. The divorce rate in Thailand has been increasing over the years. In 2006, the divorce rate was at 27%, and by 2016, it had risen to 39%. This means that more than a third of Thai couples who registered their marriage in 2016 filed for divorce in the same year.

Types of Divorce in Thailand

There are two main types of divorce in Thailand: Contested Divorce and Uncontested Divorce. Contested Divorce can be costly, while Uncontested Divorce is more affordable and straightforward. Uncontested Divorce, also known as Administrative Divorce or Divorce by Mutual Consent, is preferred by many because it is swift and uncomplicated.

Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

There are several grounds for divorce in Thailand, including adultery, misconduct, desertion, imprisonment, and more. If one party to the marriage believes that there are valid grounds for divorce, they can file a petition at the relevant court.

How to Get a Divorce in Thailand

For an Uncontested Divorce, both parties must be physically present when applying for the divorce at the local registration office. Requirements include original marriage certificates, ID cards, household registration booklets, and passports.

Consult with a Thailand Divorce Lawyer

Before proceeding with a divorce in Thailand, it is essential to seek legal advice from a Thailand Divorce Lawyer. They can provide guidance on the process, requirements, and legal implications of divorce in Thailand.

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