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How much should I give my Thai girlfriend?

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When it comes to supporting your Thai girlfriend financially, it’s important to consider various factors to determine an appropriate amount. Here are some key considerations to help you make an informed decision:

Financial Capability

First and foremost, consider your own financial situation. It’s crucial to send an amount that you can afford without causing financial strain on yourself. Prioritize your own financial stability and responsibilities before committing to a monthly allowance.

Girlfriend’s Needs

Take into account your girlfriend’s living expenses, such as rent, utilities, food, and transportation. Have an open discussion about her financial needs and come to a mutual agreement on a reasonable amount based on her requirements.

Relationship Dynamics

Consider the nature of your relationship and whether financial support is necessary or expected. Some couples may choose to share expenses equally, while others may have one partner providing financial assistance. Communication and mutual understanding are key in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Local Cost of Living

Factor in the cost of living in your girlfriend’s area in Thailand. Expenses may vary depending on whether she resides in a rural or urban area, so adjust the allowance accordingly to meet her needs adequately.

Living in Thailand

If you’re living in Thailand with your girlfriend, consider both of your financial situations and whether she is employed. Adjust the monthly allowance based on shared expenses and her living needs to ensure financial stability for both of you.

Living Overseas

When living overseas and visiting your girlfriend in Thailand, take into account her location and your financial capability. Consider living costs in her area and send an amount that covers her basic needs without causing financial strain on yourself.

Remember, the amount you provide should be based on mutual agreement, open communication, and consideration of her living expenses and your financial capabilities. Regular reassessment of the allowance may be necessary to ensure that it remains sufficient for both of you.

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