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Is drinking alcohol in public illegal in Thailand?

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Is drinking alcohol in public illegal in Thailand?


Thailand is known for its vibrant drinking culture, with locals and tourists enjoying affordable and flavorful alcoholic beverages. While drinking in public is generally accepted, there are some rules and cultural norms to be aware of to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Drinking Etiquette

In Thailand, it is common for groups to share a bottle of spirits and mixers rather than ordering individual cocktails. Pouring drinks for others is considered a polite gesture, and toasting with phrases like “Chok dee” (good luck) is common. It is important to be mindful of age and social status when clinking glasses with others.

Alcohol Choices

Local beers like Singha, Leo, and Chang are popular choices, while bucket drinks filled with various spirits and mixers are also common in tourist areas. Thai Redbull, known for its high caffeine content, originated in Thailand and is a popular mixer for alcoholic beverages.

Legal Considerations

In 2006, the legal drinking age in Thailand was raised to 20 years old. Alcohol sales are regulated, with restrictions on sale times and certain holidays when alcohol cannot be sold. It’s important to be cautious of druggings and to avoid leaving drinks unattended in bars or clubs.


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