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What does 555 in Thailand mean?

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Understanding “555” in Thailand

Have you ever seen Thai people use the number “555” in their online conversations and wondered what it meant? Well, let me explain!

Why “555”?

When Thai people use “555” in text messages or on social media, it is their way of expressing laughter. The number “5” in Thai is pronounced as /hâa/ (ห้า), which sounds like the Thai word for laughter, /hâa/ (ฮ่า). So, when you see “555”, it actually represents the sound of laughter, like saying “HA-HA-HA” in English.


Thai women especially use “555” to show that something is funny or that they are laughing out loud. Sometimes, they might even add a plus sign after the fives to indicate a longer laugh or a higher level of amusement, like “555+” or “555555”.


In the Thai language, typing out words can be quite complex due to the multiple letters, vowels, and tones. So, instead of typing out a full expression like “LOL”, Thai people find it easier to just use “555” as a quick and fun way to show laughter.

Learning Thai Culture

Understanding the meaning behind “555” can help you communicate better with Thai people and immerse yourself in their culture. Learning some basic Thai phrases can enhance your experience in Thailand and open up more opportunities for information and entertainment.

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