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What does soi mean in Thai?

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What Does Soi Mean in Thai?

In Thailand, the term “soi” refers to a side street that branches off a major street. These side streets are commonly numbered and are often referred to by the name of the major street followed by the number, such as “Soi Sukhumvit 4” or “Sukhumvit Soi 4”. When walking on the major street towards increasing soi numbers, even-numbered sois are typically on the right side, while odd-numbered ones are on the left.

Naming Convention

Many sois in Bangkok also have names, often named after important landowners or families who owned land in the area in the past. Some sois become well-known by their names only, such as Asok (Soi Sukhumvit 21) or Thong Lo (Soi Sukhumvit 55). Sois can also have smaller sois branching off them, adding to the intricate network of streets.

House Numbering

Houses in a soi are numbered sequentially. If a new house is inserted between existing numbers, it will be designated with a fraction, such as 150/1. Formal addresses include the house number followed by the soi name and major street, like “150/1 Soi Sukhumvit 7”.


Sois play a crucial role in navigating the bustling streets of Thailand’s cities, providing access to residential areas, businesses, and hidden gems. Understanding the numbering and naming conventions of sois can help visitors and locals alike find their way around more efficiently.

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