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Who owns the Siam Bangkok?

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The Siam Bangkok is a luxury hotel located in the Royal Quarter of Bangkok. It is part of the Siam Hotel & Resorts holdings, which is owned and operated by the Sukosol family. The Sukosol Group is a well-established hotel business group in Thailand, led by Kamala Sukosol, a renowned jazz singer in Thailand.


The Sukosol Group, specifically the Kamol Sukosol Co. Ltd., dates back to 1939 when Mr. Kamol Sukosol began his trading business with a shipment of 12 radio sets from the United States. Over the years, the business expanded into various industries such as automotive, finance, insurance, and construction. In 1973, the Kamol Sukosol Electric Co. Ltd. was established to focus on the trading of electric and medical equipment. The group also holds significant real estate properties in and around Bangkok.

Ownership and Management

The Siam Hotels & Resorts is wholly owned and operated by the Sukosol family. Kamala Sukosol serves as the president, with other family members holding key positions within the company. The hotel is managed by a team of Thai and multinational hotel professionals, with a total of 1,100 employees.

Art and Architecture

The Siam City Hotel, one of the properties under the Siam Hotels & Resorts group, is located in the heart of Bangkok’s “Palace Quarter.” The hotel’s design reflects early 20th-century palace architecture, drawing inspiration from nearby royal residences. The hotel houses an extensive art collection curated by Kamala Sukosol, featuring collectibles from Asia and beyond.

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