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What does mai pen rai mean?

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Sawat dee

When visiting Thailand, it’s important to know the local greetings. “Sawat dee” is a common greeting that you’ll hear throughout the day. To sound polite, men can add “Khrup” at the end of a sentence, while women can add “Kha”.

Pen Yang Ngai Bâng? (How are you)

To ask someone how they are doing in a casual manner, you can say “Pen Yang Ngai Bang”. This phrase has a similar meaning to “How are you going?” in English.

Gin Khao Reu Yang? (Have you eaten anything?)

In Thailand, asking if someone has eaten is a common way to greet people. It shows that you care about their well-being. If you visit a Thai friend’s house, they may ask you this question, as it is a polite gesture.

An Ni (Ra Kha) Tao Rai? (How much does this cost)

When shopping in Thailand, you can ask for the price of an item by saying “An ni tao rai?” This phrase is commonly used when bargaining or purchasing goods.

Pai ….. (I want to go to …)

If you need to tell a driver where you want to go, simply say “Bpai” followed by the location. For example, if you want to go to Centara Ladprao, you can say “Bpai Centara Ladprao”.

Khob Khun (Thank You)

Expressing gratitude is important in Thai culture. Saying “Khob Khun” with “Khrup” for men and “Kha” for women shows appreciation.

Mai Aow (I don’t want …)

To politely decline something, you can say “Mai Aow” followed by what you don’t want. This phrase can be useful when shopping or ordering food.

Khor …. I would like

When making a request in Thai, start with “Khor” followed by what you would like. This phrase can be used for requesting items or services.

Mai Pen Rai (It’s ok / It doesn’t matter)

“Mai Pen Rai” is a common phrase used to indicate that something is okay or that it doesn’t matter. It can be used to politely refuse an offer or show that you are not bothered by a situation.

Jer Gun Khraw Na (See you later)

To bid farewell to someone in Thailand, you can say “Jer Gun Khraw Na” which means “See you later”. It’s a friendly way to say goodbye and express the hope of meeting again.

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