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What country has the highest birth rate per woman?

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Understanding Fertility Rates

Fertility rate is the average number of children a woman gives birth to during her childbearing years. It is an important indicator of population growth and can vary greatly between different countries.

Countries with the Highest Fertility Rates

In 2023, Niger had the highest fertility rate in the world, with an estimated 6.73 children per woman. Following closely behind is Mali, another African country with high fertility rates.

Factors Influencing High Fertility Rates in Africa

Countries with high fertility rates like Niger and Mali often face challenges such as lack of access to healthcare, vaccines, antibiotics, and balanced nutrition. These factors contribute to higher infant mortality rates and rapid population growth.

Causes of High Fertility Rates

A large population growth in a country can be attributed to poor economic conditions, lack of awareness about family planning, and inadequate living standards. In low-income countries, where access to birth control and contraception is limited, fertility rates tend to be higher.

Impact on Global Population

The African continent makes up a significant portion of the global population, with many inhabitants belonging to the low-income group. In these regions, children are often needed to support the family financially, leading to higher fertility rates.


Statistics show that low-income countries have fertility rates that are double the global average. As a result, nine out of the top ten countries with the highest fertility rates are located in Africa.

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