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What 4 countries have the lowest birth rate?

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Countries with the lowest birth rate


As an expert in demographics and population trends, I will be discussing the four countries with the lowest birth rates in the world. The birth rate is a crucial indicator of a country’s population growth and can provide valuable insights into its economic and social conditions.


In 2023, Taiwan had the lowest fertility rate globally, with an estimated 1.09 children per woman. This low fertility rate can be attributed to various factors such as increased access to birth control, women prioritizing their careers over motherhood, and a decline in the number of women of child-bearing age.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is another country with a remarkably low fertility rate. Women in Hong Kong are increasingly choosing to focus on their careers rather than starting families at a young age. This shift in priorities has led to a decline in the country’s birth rate over the years.

Developed vs. Developing Countries

Developed countries generally have lower fertility rates compared to developing countries. Factors such as access to birth control, women’s education, and career opportunities play a significant role in determining the birth rate of a country.


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