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Is college in Thailand free?

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Is college in Thailand free?

Are you considering studying in Thailand and wondering about the cost of living for international students? Thailand is not only a beautiful country with amazing beaches and delicious food but also home to some top universities. If you are thinking about furthering your education in Thailand, we at My Thai Love can provide you with valuable information and guidance.

Tuition Fees in Thailand

Tuition fees are a significant part of the cost of living for international students in Thailand. The good news is that the best universities in the country offer reasonably-priced programs. For example, Kasetsart University in Bangkok offers programs in Economics, Engineering, Tourism, and more for a tuition fee of 2,190 EUR per semester.

Cost of Living

In addition to tuition fees, it’s important to consider the cost of living in Thailand for international students. Here is a breakdown of some common expenses:

Tips for Budgeting

To make the most of your budget while studying in Thailand, consider these tips:

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