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How much is the fine for overstaying in Thailand?

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Understanding Overstaying in Thailand

Overstaying in Thailand means staying in the country longer than allowed on your visa. This can happen if you forget your visa expiration date or miscalculate your stay period.

Consequences of Overstaying

Overstaying a visa is illegal and can lead to strict penalties. If caught, you may face a fine, a ban from entering Thailand, and even detention in an immigration center.

Penalties for Overstaying

The standard fine for overstaying is 500 THB per day, with a maximum limit of 20,000 Baht if you overstay for 40 days or more. Overstaying for 90 days or more can result in deportation and a ban from entering Thailand.

Children and Work Permits

Children under 14 are not fined or banned for overstaying, but it is still important to ensure they have a valid visa. If you cancel your Work Permit in Thailand, your visa is also canceled, and you must leave within 24 hours to avoid penalties.

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