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How long does a ping pong game last?

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How Long Does a Ping Pong Game Last?

Game Duration

In table tennis, a game lasts until one player scores 11 points or until there is a 2-point difference after a tie at 10 points. The rule used to be playing until 21 points, but it was changed in 2001 by the ITTF.

Match Length

A match can be the best of any odd number of games: 3, 5, or 7. However, most players opt for a 5-game match.

Serving Rules

Each player gets 2 serves alternately until one player reaches 11 points. In the case of a tie at 10:10, each player gets only one serve until a 2-point lead is established.

Serving Position

The server must stand behind the end line of the table with the ball visible and above the surface. The receiver can stand anywhere they prefer.

Net Hits

During a serve, if the ball hits the net but still bounces on the opponent’s side, it’s a let and needs to be replayed. If it doesn’t make it to the other half, the receiver is awarded a point.

Game Point Serve

You can serve at game or match point; your opponent does not need to serve.

Obstruction Rules

Never hit the ball before it touches your side of the table. Hitting the ball before it reaches your side obstructs its path, resulting in your opponent gaining a point.

Table Touching

If you touch the table surface with your free hand during play, your opponent earns a point.

Umpire Absence

In the absence of an umpire, players must rely on the “honor system” to make fair calls among themselves.

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