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How do you show love in Thailand?

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How to Show Love in Thailand

Say It in Thai

In Thailand, expressing love can be as simple as saying “pomme rack khun” for males or “chan rack khun” for females. Telling someone you miss them can be as easy as saying “pomme / chan kittern khun” and expressing that you like someone can be done by saying “pomme / chan chorb khun”. These phrases, written in the Thai alphabet, can convey your feelings in a meaningful way.

Be Gentle

While public displays of affection are not common in Thailand, a gentle touch can speak volumes. A light touch on the arm of your loved one can show your affection without the need for words. Speaking kindly and avoiding confrontation or harsh language is also important in Thai culture.

Take Care

Showing you care by meeting your partner’s needs is valued in Thai relationships. Small gestures like offering to help carry heavy bags or buying a soda for your partner can show that you are thinking about them. Extending this care to family members is also important in Thai society, where respect for parents and elders is significant.

Speak with Your Eyes

In Thailand, eye contact is a powerful way to express feelings. Holding the gaze of your romantic interest and smiling with your eyes can convey a lot without speaking a word.

Avoid Anger

Thais appreciate emotional restraint and dislike excessive displays of anger. Avoid loud, aggressive behavior as it can be seen as irrational and foolish. Maintaining composure and using a calm tone and facial expressions is key in Thai relationships.

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