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How do you call your wife in Thai?

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Family in Thai

In Thailand, family is very important. Thai people are close to their family members, and family values revolve around seniority. This means that Thai people use specific terms to address family members based on their relationship and seniority.

Basic Vocabulary

When addressing family members in Thai, it is important to use the appropriate term based on the person’s relationship and seniority. For example, when addressing your father in Thai, you can use the term “พ่อ (phâaw)” or “บิดา (bì-daa).” Similarly, when addressing your mother, you can use “แม่ (mâae)” or “มารดา (maan-daa).”

Endearment Terms

Thai people often use endearment terms when addressing their family members. For example, children may use terms like “ป๊ะป๋า (bpá-bpǎa)” or “ม๊า (máa)” to address their father, and “หม่าม๊า (màa-máa)” or “ม๊า (máa)” to address their mother.

Additional Family Members

In Thai culture, family extends beyond immediate relatives. When referring to extended family members, such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, specific terms are used to denote the relationship and seniority.


When talking about in-laws in Thai, different terms are used to address the husband’s family members and the wife’s family members. For example, the husband’s mother is referred to as “แม่สามี (mâae sǎa-mii),” while the wife’s mother is referred to as “แม่ยาย (mâae-yaai).”


To show respect when addressing family members in Thai, it is common to add the word “คุณ (khun)” before the term. Additionally, ending a sentence with “ครับ (khráp)” for a male speaker or “ค่ะ (khà)” for a female speaker adds politeness to the conversation.

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