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Can unmarried couples stay together in Thailand?

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Can Unmarried Couples Stay Together in Thailand?


If you are considering staying with your partner in Thailand, it is important to understand the laws and cultural norms surrounding unmarried couples living together in the country.

Legal Considerations

In Thailand, there are no specific laws that prohibit unmarried couples from living together. However, it is important to note that Thai culture is conservative and traditional, and public displays of affection may not be well-received in certain areas.


When looking for accommodation in Thailand, it is essential to communicate openly with landlords or property owners about your relationship status. Some landlords may have restrictions on unmarried couples living together in their properties.

Social Acceptance

While there is no legal barrier to unmarried couples living together in Thailand, it is important to consider the social implications. In more rural or conservative areas, living together as an unmarried couple may be frowned upon.

Seeking Support

If you are considering living with your partner in Thailand and are unsure about the legal and cultural implications, it may be helpful to seek guidance from a professional matchmaking and dating advisory service like My Thai Love. Our experts can provide you with information and support to navigate the complexities of relationships in Thailand.

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