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Can a foreigner marry a Thai woman?

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Can a foreigner marry a Thai woman?

Marriage Requirements

Foreigners looking to marry a Thai woman must follow certain guidelines set by Thai family law. Both parties must be at least 17 years old, not blood relatives, not married to someone else, and not insane. If the woman is widowed or divorced, there are additional requirements such as waiting 310 days after the termination of her marriage, unless certain conditions are met.

Marriage Process

Foreigners must get affirmations from their embassies in Thailand confirming their citizenship and eligibility to marry. The marriage registration can be done at any registration office in Thailand, and the marriage certificate needs to be translated into English and legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


After marriage, the woman may need to contact her local Amphur for any name or title changes on her Thai ID. Couples who wish to enter into a prenuptial agreement should register it at the same time as the marriage registration to protect their assets acquired after marriage.

Legal Assistance

It is advisable for couples with significant assets to consult with family lawyers before marriage to prevent future disputes. Foreign couples planning to marry in Thailand should seek legal assistance as all documentation needs to be translated into Thai.

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