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What is the new law in Thailand for couples?

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Marriage Equality Bill Approval

The recent approval of the marriage equality bill in Thailand’s lower house of Parliament marks a significant milestone for the country. The bill, which passed with overwhelming support, legalizes equal rights for marriage partners of any gender, making Thailand the first country in Southeast Asia to do so.

Implications of the New Law

With this new law, the Civil and Commercial Code will be amended to replace terms like “men and women” and “husband and wife” with more inclusive language like “individuals” and “marriage partners.” This amendment will grant LGBTQ+ couples access to full legal, financial, and medical rights, ensuring equality for all couples in Thailand.

Advocacy for Gender Equality

Advocates for gender equality in Thailand have long fought for this change, facing challenges due to the conservative values prevalent in Thai society. The government and state agencies have historically been resistant to change, making it difficult for lawmakers to accept and implement reforms.

Next Steps

The bill will now move to the Senate for further consideration before being presented to the king for royal endorsement. Given the widespread support in the lower house, it is expected that the bill will be passed without significant hurdles. If approved, Thailand will become the first country in Southeast Asia and the third in Asia, after Taiwan and Nepal, to legalize marriage equality.

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