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Is Thailand pronatalist or antinatalist?

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Thailand’s Stance on Birth Rates

Thailand is considered to be a pro-natalist country, meaning it has policies in place to encourage higher birth rates among its population. With a declining birth rate and an aging population, Thailand has implemented various measures to promote family growth and stability.

Reasons for Pro-Natalist Policies

Pro-natalist countries like Thailand aim to increase tax revenue, boost the economy, and maintain stable family structures. By incentivizing families to have more children, the government hopes to ensure economic stability in both the short and long term.

Pro-Natalist Policies in Thailand

Thailand offers support to families with children through various programs and benefits. These may include financial assistance, child tax credits, and other incentives to encourage larger families. By providing resources and support to families, Thailand aims to increase its fertility rates and ensure population growth.

Comparison to Other Pro-Natalist Countries

Thailand is not alone in its pro-natalist efforts. Many countries in Europe, Japan, Canada, and South Korea have also adopted similar policies to address declining birth rates and aging populations. These countries provide support to families with children through various programs and benefits.


With 32 countries currently implementing pro-natalist policies, including Thailand, the global trend towards encouraging higher birth rates is clear. By supporting families and incentivizing childbearing, pro-natalist countries aim to ensure economic growth and stability for future generations.

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